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  Old World New World Still Life (2000-present)

I make life-sized colour photographs of loaded still life subjects. I travel with the eyes of an artist and an art historian, seeking images that are vaguely familiar but never-seen-before. Most of them are pictures of things that I want but can't have because they are ephemeral or belong to someone else. Each image operates as a crude stand-in for the thing photographed. Made with a domestic interior in mind, the work occupies and exceeds the category of décor. The pictures are designed to be lived with, to infiltrate the viewer's sensibility over time.

Does it matter that the parrot was sitting by the side of the road in Argyll, or that the memorial flowers were found in a cemetery in post-Katrina New Orleans? The photographs are shot through with layers of anecdote and autobiography, available to anyone who takes the trouble to ask.

All works are c-prints, in editions of 6.